How to Play


The game is played by two teams, each having up to 16 players. Teams need to protect their base by building circuits to power defensive turrets and maintaining an organised defensive force. At the same time they should also attempt to destroy the opposite team's base which will win them the game. Both teams start out with an equal number of tickets. Whenever a player dies he re-spawns immediately and a ticket is used. If a team runs out of tickets then they lose the game.

Players place blocks to create circuits. A player who has a turret block can then place it in a powered circuit to create a functioning defensive weapon that automatically targets and fires at enemy players. The circuit blocks also act as barriers, requiring enemy players to destroy them to disable turrets and get to the base.

Players spawn close to their base, with only the ability to create circuits. The base, when powered by a circuit, allows players to arm themselves with a selection of offensive and defensive abilities. Players are limited to having 9 abilities in their "stack", which are expended as they are activated. Abilities are used in the reverse order that they were armed. Once a player uses all of their abilities they will need to return to their base to rearm.

All players must consider carefully what abilities they place in their stack, what order they are to be used and they will need to work as a team if they are to succeed. If players communicate well then there is an opportunity for players to specialize their stacks and therefore their roles.

Player Abilities

Offensive abilities employ fire, electricity or plasma to do damage, Fire-based abilities cause affected players to burn after being hit, causing further damage over time. Electric abilities cause system disruption, slowing affected players. Plasma causes less damage, but also neutralizes fire and electric weaponry. Defensive abilities repair and heal friendly targets. Offensive and defensive drones are powerful and resistant to plasma, but they are susceptible to all other types of offensive abilities.

Powering Circuits

Once a circuit has been built from blocks a player can induce a current in a block. Certain configurations of blocks can generate regular electrons once induced. These electrons travel along circuits and can be used to power special blocks such as the base and turrets. These special blocks only work if they receive electrons at a certain frequency.

Enemy circuits can be disrupted by destroying the blocks they are made up of or by inducing electron flows which inhibit the special blocks being powered. You can also place your own special blocks in circuits built by the opposing team.


Click / touch the screen to select a cell to move to.

Block Button (1) - Press once while facing an adjacent cell to lay a block. Press and hold to destroy a block. When you're adjacent to and facing your base block pressing the button opens the stack arming window, allowing you to select abilities.

Ability Button (2) - Uses your current stack ability.